"Our goal at Venomtech is to lead the way towards an era where venom-based research tools are routinely used as sources of novel leads."

Venom Research Solutions

Drug discovery, cosmetics, insecticides

Our custom molecular and therapeutic targeted arrays have been proven effective on hard-to-hit targets - offering new solutions where traditional approaches have failed. We also offer full hit-to-lead follow up services.

Venom cosmetics and cosmecuiticals

Our peptide library offers many ways to achieve commercially valuable effectiveness in cosmetics and cosmeceuticals - providing a high degree of control and risk reduction.

Venom crop science

Naturally evolved peptides are proving effective against insect pests as well as other pest organisms - offering alternatives to traditional approaches.

Available products for cosmetics and drug discovery



Cosmetic peptides to soothe skin and reduce inflammation



Cosmetic peptides to protect skin from toxins and pollutants

venom cosmetic peptide


Our bespoke cosmetic peptide design service

Target based venom array


Target-based venom arrays for hard-to-hit drug targets


Therapeutic areas 

Venom arrays for antimicrobial, pain, cancer research, etc.

Custom venom array

Custom Arrays 

Venom arrays designed by us for your target or research area

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