Look no further for your whole venoms!

Our whole venom diversity sets offer as low barrier to exploring venom libraries. We offer a range of whole venoms from a variety of vertebrate and invertebrate species to help meet your industry requirements – from hitting your next drug target to developing revolutionary cosmetic or crop protection initiatives. Whole venoms contain all the components from the complex mixture contained within.

Whole venoms are sometimes referred to as crude venoms. This is because, similarly to crude oil, they are made up of complex mixtures of components.

Invertebrate species


Theraphosid, araneomorph and other spiders.

These venoms are dominated by small peptide ligands and polyamines, and signal though a variety of receptors, including GPCRs, ion channels and kinases.


Buthid and non-buthid scorpions.

The peptides in these venoms have a wide range of activities, principally on ion channels such as K+, Ca2+, Na+ and Cl, but also on cell penetrant peptides.

Other invertebrates

Toxins and venoms from other poisonous and venomous invertebrates, from Chilopoda and Coleoptera through to Hymenoptera and Diplopoda, offering a wide range of tools for practically any target.

Vertebrate species


Cobra, mamba, taipan and other elapids.

These peptide-rich venoms contain three-finger toxins that bind specifically to ion channels, but also GPCRs and other receptors.


Viper, pit viper and rattlesnakes.

Viper venoms contain cell penetrating peptides and antimicrobial compounds, as well as an assortment of enzymes that can be used to develop venom-derived drugs.

Other vertebrates

All other vertebrate venoms.

Venomous lizards have already delivered a type II diabetes drug, with many more such compounds likely to follow.

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