March 20, 2023

Scorpion venom inspires Venomtech to design biomimetic peptide for antiwrinkle cosmetic active.

At Venomtech we have a unique expertise in the exciting field of scorpion venom biology. This prompted Dr. Fuchs Cosmetics to contact us when they needed a novel peptide to complement their existing cosmetic portfolio. They required a powerful antiwrinkle peptide, with the muscle-relaxing properties often associated with Botox injections. From our years of experience working with scorpion venom, we knew exactly where to look in the scorpion’s impressive arsenal to build the biomimetic peptide needed in a synthetic, animal-free form.

Using our knowledge of cosmetic peptide design and biomimicry, we were able to design a stable heptapeptide suitable for skin penetration and formulation. We tested its activity in-vitro, to confirm that it blocked the ion channel target found in the muscles of the skin but did not harm the cells concerned. This peptide was then formulated, tested and registered, for Dr. Fuchs to use in the Age Delay cosmetic line.

Customers  have been impressed with the effects against mimic wrinkles, and the Age Delay line is one of Dr. Fuchs’ most successful products.

This is not an exclusive product so please contact Venomtech or Dr. Fuchs Cosmetics to add this exciting ingredient to your next formulation. You can hear all about this at our technical seminar for In Cosmetics Global 2023.