Our biologically active antipollution and anti-inflammatory peptides are ideal for your new cosmetic products.

Antipollution peptides

Pollution from cars, factories, and power stations contains heavy metal microparticles, which builds up in city air and sticks to the skin, increasing signs of ageing such as dark spots wrinkles and dullness.


Our LioPep-5™ – a biologically active peptide designed from lionfish – collects zinc and other metal ions, and has been shown to reduce zinc contamination by up to 89 %.

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We were inspired by carpet viper venom to create the biologically active peptide ViPep-5™ – shown to reduce the amount of zinc contamination by up to 87 %.

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Anti-inflammatory peptides

Many everyday chemicals can cause skin redness and inflammation, kick starting the inflammatory process, which involves enzymic activity such as that from phospholipase A2 (PLA2), which releases inflammatory mediators. Our MorphoClense™ and ScorpSoothe™ products can help to block this activity, reducing redness and inflammation.


Swallowtail butterfly wings contain anti-inflammatory proteins – we took inspiration from this to develop MorphoClense™.

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Bark scorpions have evolved inhibitory peptides to their own venom! This allowed us to engineer ScorpSoothe™, reducing phospholipase A2 (PLA2) activity by 55 % in vitro.

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Need something different?

Our VenomSELECT™ service is there for those occasions when you need a little more support, taking you from concept to active ingredient – all with a unique marketing angle that has been proven to sell!

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