Thinking differently about pest control

Insect pests can reduce global crop yields by 10-14 % annually and damage between 9 and 20 % of stored food crops. Rodents are also becoming immune to anticoagulants which also bioaccumulate and poison non-target species. How can these challenges be overcome?

Today, hundreds of insect pest species are resistant to one or more commercially available insecticides. This – along with concerns about environmental and human safety – has resulted in a demand for new, environmentally friendly bio-insecticides, with novel modes of action, to achieve better selectivity, particularly to protect pollinators. The same is true for rodenticides.

We’re here to help you!

At Venomtech, we are committed to enabling breakthroughs in the discovery and development of effective biopesticides to protect crops against pest organisms and food stores from rodent spoilage. Our distinctive approach takes advantage of the broad spectrum of insect-killing and immobilising abilities of natural compounds produced by insectivorous animals, which have evolved to avoid the development of resistance.

Venomous snakes are well known feeders of rodents so nature has already provided the tools and we are here to help you tap into the power of evolution.

We offer a range of unique services designed to help the development novel biopesticides with better selectivity and environmental profiles whilst maintaining efficacy.

And with the support of a full hit-to-lead follow-up service, our dedication to your success is clear.

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