We understand that there will be times when you need something a little different. Our knowledgeable team uses in-house data and expertise, combined with other sources of information, to offer a custom array design service for a wide range of target classes. Our experts can tailor-make arrays of 1D or 2D HPLC fractionated venoms to meet your specific needs, usually selecting a minimum of 12 venoms to hit your target of interest. Where possible, we will source new species to add to your array – often at no additional cost! We can even include your own preferred species, provided that they can be obtained in a way that is compliant with the Nagoya Protocol.

Need help with your assay development? Then take a look at our assay development and screening service. We can develop novel assays for your specific needs or carry out verified assays where extra capacity is required using our cutting-edge biotech laboratory and equipment.

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