Unlock the full potential of your Targeted-Venom Discovery Array™ (T-VDA™) with our hit characterisation and lead optimisation service by taking advantage of our team’s decades of experience in global pharmaceutical drug discovery, coupled with specialist knowledge of venom-derived peptides and venomous animals.

We’re using our industry-leading, proprietary safe working practices to turn millions of years of evolution into the ultimate drug discovery workflow, starting with a T-VDA™ already optimised to provide biological tools in areas where synthetic chemistry has failed, or where a naturally derived solution is explicitly desired or required.

What’s included?

We can take you through every step of the process, including:

Full identification of active component(s)

  • Resupply of microgram quantities of hit fractions for dose-response testing.
  • Identification of active fraction(s) by MS/MS.
  • Small-scale synthesis (up to grams) of the pure active component(s), either synthetic (<150 amino acids) or cloned (for larger proteins).
  • Large-scale (up to 1 kg) synthetic production of single peptides (<150 amino acids), to GMP standards if required.

Hit-to-lead development

  • Provision of closely related targeted venoms to enhance potency and/or selectivity.
  • Determination of structure-activity relationships (SARs).
  • Modifications to improve stability, delivery, bioavailability, etc.
  • Toxicity testing, proof of concept and mechanism in standard models.

Make our hit-to-lead services your new go-to for all things pharmaceutical!