Diversity Set

Our Diversity Set is the ideal starting point for those occasions when you’re not sure which peptide to choose, giving you a taste of a range of peptides aimed at as many different targets as possible. It comprises 30 crude venoms in triplicate, carefully chosen by our in-house experts to maximise hit potential on your target, from GPCRs and ion channels to therapeutic areas such as oncology, inflammation and neuroscience. If the species you require is not on the list, or you would like a bespoke Diversity Set created for you, we are more than happy to accommodate this! Just give us us a call!


Code Species Group Country of origin Family/sub-family
D.spi Diplocentrus spitzeri Scorpion (N America) USA Diplocentrinae
H.ari Hadrurus arizonesis Scorpion (N America) USA Hadrurinae
H.pet Heterometrus petersii Scorpion (Asia) Vietnam Scorpionidae
P.smi Paravaejovis spinigerus Scorpion (N America) USA Vaejovidae
P.kra Protoiurus kraepelini Scorpion (Greece/Turkey) Turkey Luridae
S.mes Sminigerus mesaensis Scorpion (N America) USA Vaejovidae
A.pis Agkistrodon piscivorus Snake (Pit viper – N America) USA Crotalinae
B.asp Bothrops asper Snake (Pit viper – C/S America) Costa Rica Crotalinae
C.atr Crotalus atrox Snake (Pit viper- N America/Mexico) USA/Mexico Crotalinae
C.dve Crotalus vegrandis Snake (Pit viper – Venezuela only) Venezuela Crotalinae
S.mil Sistrurus milarius barbouri Snake (Pit viper -N America) USA Crotalinae
T.alb Trimeresurus albolabris Snake (Pit viper – Asia) Indonesia (Sumatra) Crotalinae
D.ang Dendroaspis angusticeps Snake (Elapid- Green Mamba – Africa) SE African coastal regions Elapinae
D.pol Dendroaspis polylepis Snake (Elapid-Black Mamba – Africa) Sub-Saharan Africa Elapinae
H.hem Hemachatus hemachatus Snake (Elapid-Rinkal – Africa) Mozambique Elapinae
N.mel Naja subfulva Snake (Elapid- Cobra -Africa NS) Central & West Africa Elapinae
N.nig Naja nigricollis Snake (Elapid – Cobra – Africa S) Sub-Saharan Africa Elapinae
O.scu Oxyuranus scutellatus canni Snake (Elapid -Taipan – Australia/papuan) New Guinea Elapinae
A.chl Atheris chlorechis Snake (Viper -Africa) Ghana Viperinae
B.ari Bitis arietans Snake (Viper -Africa) many locations see husbandry database Viperinae
M.xan Montivipera xanthina Snake (Viper – Europe) Croatia Viperinae
C.cer Cerastes cerastes Snake (Viper – Africa) Egypt Viperinae
A.gen Acanthoscurria geniculata Theraphosid (Brazil) Brazil Theraphosinae
C.cya Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens Theraphosid (Venezuela) Venezuela Theraphosinae
C.liv Cyriopagopus lividus Theraphosid (Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia) Thailand/Myanmar Ornithoctoninae
H.mac Heteroscodra maculata Theraphosid (Nigeria) Nigeria/Togo Stromatopelminae
H.gig Hysterocrates gigas Theraphosid (Cameroon/Nigeria) Cameroon/Nigeria Eumenophorinae
M.bal Monocentropus balfouri Theraphosid (Socotra Island, Yemen) Socotra Island, Yemen Eumenophorinae
P.cam Psalmopoeus cambridgei Theraphosid (Trinidad and Tobago) Trinidad and Tobago Psalmopoeinae
S.jav Selenocosmia javanensis Theraphosid (Indonesia) Indonesia Selenocosmiinae


See our whole venom library species list for a comprehensive collection of all the species we have on offer, or simply get in touch with us today!