Animal Welfare Statement

The welfare of our animals is essential to the quality of our products and we lead the field in this area. As per the Animal Scientific Procedures Act (1986), we do not perform any experiments on the animals in our care.

From their arrival at Venomtech Ltd, our animals are treated with the utmost care. It is their venom after all that potentially holds the key to treating not only many human diseases, but animal ones too. Passing through our comprehensive quarantine procedure (to protect the rest of our animals), new arrivals – all from captive-bred stock – are then placed into our award-winning invertebrate housing. Although it is not currently understood how invertebrates feel discomfort, at Venomtech we make every effort to ensure that the animals in our care are comfortable and we pride ourselves on our high welfare standards: we are in fact leaders in this field. Our team was the first to demonstrate that theraphosids (commonly called tarantulas) respond to environmental enrichment just like mammals do. This work was commended for the impact it had on improving captive invertebrate welfare and won two awards.

Our invertebrate venom extraction procedures are performed under full anaesthesia so our animals are completely relaxed during the process. Using very light stimulation, venom is collected and the animals then come round in their own home enclosures. Our techniques are fully recoverable and animals live long and happy lives in our expert care.

Our snakes of course also receive the same level of dignity and compassion. Biting and delivering venom is a natural process for venomous snakes so we encourage this natural process into our venom collection procedure at Venomtech Ltd.


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