Thinking differently about cosmetic actives

Our groundbreaking VenomSELECT™ service is the perfect complement to our range of predesigned cosmetic peptides. We launched our pioneering VenomSELECT™ service to open up new possibilities for innovative and more functional active ingredients for a wide variety of products, building on the biological activity of naturally derived peptides that have evolved over 3.8 billion years, to identify animal peptides with potential cosmetic actions and recreate synthetic versions of these compounds, at the same time enhancing the effects of nature.

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Our VenomSELECT™ service can help you develop and deliver your next premium active ingredient, with data to support your claims by:

  • Identifying animal peptides with potential cosmetic actions, and molecular targets for the desired effects.
  • Designing synthetic versions of these biologically active peptides, reduced to the smallest possible amino acid sequence, that retain their biological activity but without their toxicity.
  • Testing for efficacy and potency.
  • Redesigning and optimising peptide selection to enhance the natural peptide, for example, by synthesising chimeric peptides.
  • Safety testing and registration.
  • Bulk supplying of registered and in vivo tested active ingredient(s).

The end products can make use of standard encapsulation processes and contain no venom. To date, seven active ingredients have been developed, including SensAmone P5 (Mibelle Biochemistry).

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