Our Diversity Set is ideal for projects or targets where there are no known venom leads and a targeted approach is too risky, acting as a ‘pre-screen’ to inform the design of a Targeted-Venom Discovery Array ™ (T-VDA™) for your specific research, for example, for potential structure-activity relationship studies. This entry level product is ideal for those occasions when you know that venom-derived peptides are the way forward, but not which one to choose.

Each Diversity Set consists of 30 whole venoms in triplicate, from a phylogenetically and geographically diverse set of species, innovatively selected by our in-house experts to maximise hit potential on your novel target. There is a large variety of molecular classes to choose from as venom evolved independently in different creatures, plus natural diversity within groups, including species from different continents and habitats that power natural selection in various ways.

Example plate layout (100 µg/well)

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