Below is a list of venoms that we typically have available for sale. Due to the dynamic nature of our business, availability changes constantly and it is not always possible to keep this list up to date. If you require venom from a species that you do not see here, please contact a member of our sales team.



Theraphosid, araneomorph and other spider venom for sale. Dominated by small peptide ligands and polyamines, these venoms signal though a variety of receptors such as GPCRs, ion channels and kinases.

list of SPIDER venoms


Cobra, mamba, taipan and other elapid venom for sale. These peptide-rich venoms contain three-finger toxins that bind specifically to ion channels, but also GPCRs and other receptors.

list of Elapids venoms


Buthid and non-buthid scorpion venom for sale. The peptides in these venoms have a wide range of activities principally on ion channels such as K+, Ca2+ , Na+ and Cl-

list of scorpion venoms


Viper, pit viper and rattlesnake venom for sale. As well as a diverse range of enzymes, viper venoms also contain cell penetrating peptides and antimicrobial compounds. This is the largest group of animals delivering venom derived drugs.

list of VIPERS venoms

Other Invertebrates

Toxin and venom for sale from other poisonous and venomous invertebrates. From Chilopoda and Coleoptera, through to Hymenoptera and Diplopoda, there is a wide range of tools available, for practically any target.

list of other invertebrateS venoms

Other Vertebrates

All other vertebrate poisons/venom for sale. Other venomous vertebrates, such as lizards, have already delivered a block buster type II diabetes drug and many more such compounds are likely.

list of other vertebrate venoms