Venomtech Publications

We’ve put together our collection of academic publications to help you with your research. The list is always being updating as we publish more of our work, so keep coming back to see our latest ideas and innovations!

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Safe laboratory management for arachnids of medical importance

Reed, S.E., Lock, M.G. and Trim, S.A.
Animal Technology and Welfare, August 2011

Laboratory husbandry of arboreal tarantulas (Theraphosidae) and evaluation of environmental enrichment

Bennie, M.G., Loaring, C. and Trim, S.A.
Animal Technology and Welfare, December 2011

Refining laboratory husbandry of venomous snakes of the family Elapidae

Loaring, C. and Trim, S.A.
Animal Technology and Welfare, December 2012

Venom: the sharp end of pain therapeutics

Trim, S.A. and Trim, C.M. (2013)
British Journal of Pain. 7 (4)

Impact of Naja nigricollis Venom on the Production of Methaemoglobin

Williams, H.F., Hayter, P., Ravishankar, D., Baines, A., Layfield, H.J., Croucher, L., Wark, C., Bicknell, A.B., Trim, S.A., & Vaiyapuri, S. (2018)
Toxins. 10 (12)

The Urgent Need to Develop Novel Strategies for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Snakebites

Williams, H.F., Layfield, H.J., Vallance, T., Patel, K., Bicknell, A.B., Trim, S.A. & Vaiyapuri, S. (2018)
Toxins 11 (363)

Non-invasive extraction of Cnidarian venom through the use of autotomised tentacles

Robinson, P., Trim, S. & Trim, C. (2019)
Animal Technology and Welfare, December 2019