Make Venomtech your supplier of choice for naturally derived peptides in biotechnology and research.

Thinking differently about drug discovery, biopesticides for crop protection and cosmetics.

Drug Discovery

When you need an innovative solution for your drug discovery programme, our custom molecular and/or therapeutically targeted arrays are the answer, even for hard-to-hit targets where traditional approaches have failed. We offer full hit-to-lead follow-up services to support lead development too.

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Naturally evolved peptides offer an ideal first choice in compounds for crop protection, with a proven track record against pest organisms and a smaller environmental impact.

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We have almost limitless options for animal-free peptides to help you achieve commercially valuable success in your cosmetics projects, providing a high degree of control and risk reduction. Our custom VenomSELECT™ service is a comprehensive offering from concept to active ingredient, for those occasions when you need something a little different.

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We’re passionate about harnessing the power of nature to safely provide naturally derived peptides, and excel at delivering novel solutions, from hitting drug targets to improving cosmetic actives and crop protection. Here at Venomtech, we offer:

Ready-to-use arrays

Arrays of up to 20,000 individual peptides and proteins:

  • Selected and targeted specifically to drug discovery or crop protection programmes.
  • Delivered in Echo® qualified, 384-well plates.


Custom-made arrays

Arrays of up to 10,000 individual peptides and proteins:

  • Tailored to your specific workflows and objectives.
  • Delivered in Echo® qualified, 384-well plates.


Hit-to-lead services

Our enthusiastic problem solvers can help you through every step along your discovery journey, from the identification of active peptides to structure-activity relationships (SARs) and beyond.