Want to know more about our work and the many potential uses for our naturally derived peptides? Look no further!

We’ve gathered together all the resources we have here at Venomtech. These are always being updated, so even if you’ve been here before, take some time to explore!


We have written or collaborated on, many academic posters as a direct result of the work we’re doing in all things drug discovery, cosmetics, and crop protection – and the number is ever-growing!

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Venomtech Publications

We’ve put together our collection of academic publications to help you with your research. The list is always being updating as we publish more of our work

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Venom Library

Browse our list of venoms that we typically have available for sale. Due to the dynamic nature of our business, availability changes constantly and it is not always possible to keep this list up to date. If you require venom from a species that you do not see here, please contact a member of our sales team.

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T-VDA Solutions

Browse our extensive range of Targeted-Venom Discovery Array™ (T-VDA™) solutions! Whatever you’re researching – a known your target, a specific therapeutic area, crop protection or cosmetics – we can help.

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Diversity Set

Our Diversity Set is the ideal starting point for those occasions when you’re not sure which peptide to choose, giving you a taste of a range of peptides aimed at as many different targets as possible. It comprises 30 crude venoms in triplicate, carefully chosen by our in-house experts to maximise hit potential on your target, from GPCRs and ion channels to therapeutic areas such as oncology, inflammation and neuroscience. If the species you require is not on the list, or you would like a bespoke Diversity Set created for you, we are more than happy to accommodate this! Just give us a call!

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Case Studies

We hope you can take inspiration from our collection of case studies covering product applications, research we have undertaken, and things we just think are super interesting in the world of peptide and protein biotechnology, crop protection and cosmetics!

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Technical Notes

When you need more in-depth information, technical notes can help. The list is always updating as we publish more of our work.

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