We are a global leader for venom research enterprises, based out of world-class laboratories at Discovery Park in Kent, UK.

Venomtech, founded by our chief scientific officer, Steve Trim, in 2010, represents the next generation of agile, flexible and innovative smart biotechs. We are committed to helping our customers worldwide make pioneering advances in drug discovery, crop protection and cosmetics.


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Our dedicated team is here to help you every step of the way along your journey. Take a look at who we are, and how our expertise can help you!

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Animal Welfare

The welfare of our animals is essential to the quality of our products, and we lead the field in this area.

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We are passionate about protecting the natural biodiversity across the planet, because the variety of venomous animals throughout nature is the very thing that gives us our success.


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We are a team of enthusiastic problem solvers, with an overall shared goal of developing innovative venom-derived screening tools and lead compounds, to support our customers in achieving their own industry and research goals. Our passion and drive for venom biochemistry is intrinsically linked to our curious nature and desire to advance human healthcare, as well as to our personal experiences of the challenges faced by our customers.

We offer a library of around 20,000 peptides and proteins derived from venoms – the largest library of naturally sourced compounds available in the UK – from an ever-expanding range of vertebrate and invertebrate species. This increases your likelihood of finding effective, unique, and high-value candidates for even the most difficult-to hit drug and pesticide targets, or novel active ingredients for cosmetics applications.


Our customers benefit from:

  • A cleverly curated library of vertebrate and invertebrate venomous animals.
  • A deep and unrivalled knowledge of venom biochemistry and its applications.
  • Access to a wide array of venoms in sufficient quantities for repeated experiments, to obtain consistent results.
  • Proprietary skills and unique technical facilities for venom extraction, fractionation, purification and identification.
  • Targeted, high quality venom preparations in a convenient ready-to-use format.


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