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Origins of Venomtech

Venomtech was founded in 2010 by Steven Trim to help solve one of the problems often encountered as a pharmaceutical scientist - finding adequate new drug leads.

We are a biotechnology company with a focus on developing novel venom-derived screening tools, and lead compounds. Our passion and drive for drug discovery is intrinsically linked to our desire to advance human healthcare and to our personal experience of the challenges in drug discovery. We use venoms from a range of vertebrate and invertebrate species including snakes, spiders and centipedes.

Our products and services address one of the most common frustrations in drug discovery: the failure to find promising drug candidates in available libraries of synthetic chemical molecules.

We have:

  • A wide array of venoms, in sufficient quantities for repeated experiments, to obtain consistent results.
  • Many proprietary skills and unique technical facilities to extract venoms.
  • Developed a systematic approach that involves separating venoms into smaller, simpler fractions, providing researchers with targeted high-quality venom preparations in a ready to use format.

Collections of new and promising compounds, such as venoms, increase the likelihood of finding effective, unique and high-value drug candidates for difficult targets.

Venomtech specialises in this field, and has made venom array sales to major pharmaceutical customers across the world, including USA, Japan and Europe.

Management Team

Founder/ CSO/ General Manager - Steven Trim

Steven Trim BSc, CBiol, MRSB spent a decade working as a molecular biologist in drug discovery at Pfizer (Sandwich, Kent). He has worked extensively on pain therapeutics and developed expertise in tissue repair, gastrointestinal and respiratory fields. Having worked across molecular biology, pharmacology, biochemistry and anatomy, Steve has a deep understanding of drug discovery and the use of venoms and toxins in this area. Drawing on his experience at Pfizer, he founded Venomtech Ltd in 2010 with the goal of solving the problems the industry faces in finding new medicines.

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Interim Chairman - Professor Karol Sikora

Professor Karol Sikora MA, MBBChir, PhD, MD, FRCR, FRCP, FRCPE, FFPM is a Consultant Oncologist at Hammersmith Hospital, London. He launched CancerPartnersUK, Britain's largest independent network of innovative cancer treatment centres. He was Chief of the World Health Organisation's Cancer Programme between 1997 and 1999 and has been an adviser to the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency. Karol provides invaluable expertise in oncology and therapeutics.

Commercial Director - Paul Grant​

Doctor Paul Grant MSc. PhD has 10 years experience in academic research, including Kings College London and St. Georges Hospital, London,  and 12 years experience in drug discovery business development. In this time, he has developed deep industry knowledge, contacts and scientific credibility. Paul has worked with major pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, CRO and diagnostic companies across Europe, USA and Asia.


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Available products for cosmetics and drug discovery

Anti-inflammatory cosmetic skin


Cosmetic peptides to soothe skin and reduce inflammation

Antipollution skin toxins


Cosmetic peptides to protect skin from toxins and pollutants

Venom cosmetic drug discovery


Our bespoke cosmetic peptide design service

Venom target based drug discovery


Target-based venom arrays for hard-to-hit drug targets

Therapeutic venom drug discovery

Therapeutic areas 

Venom arrays for antimicrobial, pain, cancer research, etc.

Venom drug discovery research

Custom Arrays 

Venom arrays designed by us for your target or research area

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