February 20, 2023

When Dr. Fuchs Cosmetics needed a powerful new peptide to complement their cosmetic portfolio they were inspired by the toxins of the golden frog, one of the most powerful toxins in the animal kingdom. The toxin of the golden frog has a similar muscle relaxing mode of action to Botox injections, used in aesthetic medicine, making the golden frog peptide the perfect cosmetic alternative to Botox. Dr. Fuchs recognised our expertise in this area and asked us to design a biomimetic peptide that captured the power and activity of the frog toxin in a synthetic, animal-free form. Of course, we were happy to help.

Our scientists set to work studying the peptide sequences of these frogs to find the optimal peptide to deliver the active required. Using our expertise in biomimicry and cosmetic peptide design, we were able to design a stable heptapeptide, suitable for skin penetration and formulation. We tested its activity in-vitro to confirm that it blocks the ion channel target found in the muscles of the skin, and does not harm the cells concerned. This peptide was then formulated, tested and registered for Dr. Fuchs to use in the Golden Frog Cosmetic Line. Dr. Fuchs’ customers appreciate the effect against wrinkles, making the Golden Frog Line one of the brand’s most successful product offerings. Of course, this is an exclusive product so please contact the team at Dr. Fuchs Cosmetics to get yours.

Meanwhile the Venomtech team are standing by to design the next biomimetic peptides. You can hear all about this at our technical seminar at In Cosmetics Global 2023.