We talk your language! Our team fully understands the challenges, processes, language and commercial realities of the drug discovery, crop protection and cosmetics markets, and offers a full range of services to suit your business needs. Read on to see how we can help you with your existing and new projects!

Custom Array Design

Our dedicated scientists will work with you to produce a custom peptide library array that meets your specific project needs. This is complemented by our assay development and screening service, tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Here at Venomtech, we are committed to supporting you the whole way through your drug target journey. We offer a world-class follow-up service to help you characterise and further develop the active components found in your libraries.

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Toxin Purification

We can provide pure toxins derived from our venoms in various quantities. Click here to see our full venom library!

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Our VenomSELECT™ service will help you identify and characterise novel compounds that are potential active ingredients for a wide range of cosmetic applications, from a species of your choice.

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