Venomtech Services

We offer a full range of services to suit your business needs.

VenomSELECT - peptide design

We identify and characterise novel peptides for you to use as active ingredients for a wide range of cosmetic applications.

Custom Array Design

Our scientists will work with you to produce a custom venom array to suit the individual needs of your project.

Hit-to-Lead Service

We offer a world class follow-up service to characterise and further develop the active components found in your libraries.

Toxin Purification

We can provide quantities of pure toxins derived from our venoms.

Available Products

Anti-inflammatory cosmetic skin Anti-inflammatory 
Cosmetic peptides to soothe skin and reduce inflammation
Cosmetic peptides to protect skin from toxins and pollutants
Our bespoke cosmetic peptide design service


Target-based venom arrays for hard-to-hit drug targets
Therapeutic areas 
Venom arrays for antimicrobial, pain, cancer research, etc.
Custom Arrays 
Venom arrays designed by us, for your target or research area


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