January 14, 2022

Lionfish (Pterois spp.) are successful tropical reef fish that are quick to colonise new reefs. These magnificent, venomous fish have a secret to their success; they can cope with toxins from marine pollution. Toxic substances, including heavy metals and organochlorides, bind to proteins in the Lionfish and are held away from their skin. These same toxins are found in polluted city air and can accumulate on human skin.

LioPep-5™ is a biologically active peptide from the lionfish that collects zinc and other metal ions. Moisturisers could be formulated to protect skin by binding to the ions and isolating them. Scrubs, cleansers and face washes could be formulated to remove these toxins from skin. LioPep-5™ has been shown to reduce zinc contamination by up to 89%.