Featured in Laboratory News October16 Edition

Why are so many drugs derived from natural sources on the market to treat human disease? Venom-master Steve Trim explains how evolution can give us a pharmaceutical short-cut

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Moments of Innovation – Spiders and scorpions join fight against superbugs

Matthew Stock of Reuters reports on Venomtech extracting the venom of scorpions and spiders, in the hunt for valuable molecules that could help in the battle against drug-resistant superbugs. Watch the video for the full story – See more at:

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Venomtech’s new BD Director

We are pleased to introduce the newest recruit – Dr Paul Grant. Paul Joins us with a long history in both pharmaceutical sales and neuroscience, an exciting addition to our team. See his LinkedIn profile for more info –    

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Venom peptide antimicrobial action

Following on from our inclusion in Sky News report on the need for new antibiotics we thought we’d show you some of our venom in action. This plate was dosed with one of our snake venoms specifically chosen by our scientists. The bacteria growing in a lawn are Staphylococcus albus which are clearly killed in…

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Leading the fight against the scourge of antibiotic resistance

Venomtech is pleased to share with you our success in finding new venom peptides that kill bacteria in potentially novel ways. These are all found in our antibacterial T-VDA. This is currently a leading story on Sky News blueprint-to-tackle-scourge-of-drug-resistance showing a small snap shot of what we do and why it’s important. We are fighting hard to bring…

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Happy Birthday to Venomtech

We are excited to announce we are six years old. During those six years we have moved through three locations each time getting bigger and better. Now located in the amazing Discovery Park Community. We have shipped venoms to customers far and wide (USA, Europe, India and Australia). But most importantly we have facilitated work…

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