Venomtech in the Media

Herpetology seminar August 2020

Herpetology Seminar Series, featuring our very own Founder Mr Steve Trim and Senior Lecturer Dr Carol Trim of Canterbury Christ Church University



July 2020

Our Founder joins the Word On The Snake Vine podcast!
Discussing the UK’s only venom based biotechnology company, and what’s involved in operating such a facility. Topics also cover drug discovery, working with minute quantities of venom, health & safety and chili sauce!


May 2020

Discovery Park scientists in Sandwich, including teams at Pfizer, Firza, Venomtech and A4P Bio Logistics working on Covid-19 treatments




May 2020

What's your poison? An article on Venomtech's work on drug discovery, in Laboratory News.




November 2019

We had the folks from Understanding Animal Research filming in our lab. Watch the video here.




April 2019

Listen to our Venom Chilli Sauce being discussed, tasted and reviewed on Newstalk Radio!




March 2019

Our Venom chilli sauce has hit the big time, being featured by Lad Bible, The New York Post, The Daily Mirror, UNILAD, The Daily Mail,, The Sun and many more!




March 2019

KMTV - Our Venom Chilli Sauce featured on Made in Kent which aired on 12/3/19




February 2019

Skype a Scientist - Our MD investigating venoms for use as drug discovery tools and new therapeutics.





October 2018

The launch of Steve's Scientific Sauce, powered by Venomtech. Listen to Steve's appearance on Kent Radio's Business Bunker (13 minutes and 20 seconds in) to find out more about Venom Chilli Sauce



October 2018

The problem with Iranian scorpion farms. Scorpion venom may be the most valuable liquid on Earth, but the story is not that simple. Find out why Venomtech's expertise counts for so much


August 2018

The Deadliest Venomous Animals In The World -Input & special thanks to Venomtech's founder. Video published by Business Insider 04/08/18




July 2018

New Scientist 07/07/18 - Venomtech and Northumbria University find bacteria living in venom glands




June 2018

KMTV - Venomtech making life saving drugs out of deadly animal venom




April 2018

Soap, Perfumery & Cosmetics Magazine - Cosmetic ingredients with bite




BBC News

March 2018

BBC South East - Filming inside our venom lab




January 2018 Venomtech, Canterbury Christ Church University, cancer detection

Scientist Live - Venomtech working with Canterbury Christ Church University on cancer detection





Drug Target venoms drug discovery

July 2017

Drug Target Review - Using venoms to uncover new targets in drug discovery




Drug Target Venomtech drug discoveryJuly 2017

Drug Target Review - Venomtech offer a new approach to drug discovery




Cosmetics Mibelle Biochemistry Venomtech sea anemone venom sensitive skin May 2017

Cosmetics Design - Mibelle Biochemistry and Venomtech using sea anemone venom for sensitive skin 




Venomtech Kent business scorpionMay 2017

Kent Online - Venomtech in the top 25 companies in Kent set to change the way we live and do business




Metrion Venomtech venom ion channel modulator discoveryApril 2017

FierceBiotech - Metrion taps Venomtech’s venom library for ion channel modulator discovery




Venomtech, Metrion Biosciences, pain relief, research, spider, snake, venomApril 2017

Kent Online - Venomtech & Metrion Biosciences in pain relief research using venoms




pharmaceutical snakeOctober 2016

Laboratory News -  Venomtech explains how evolution can give us a pharmaceutical short-cut 




Guiness World Records 2017 venomous spider September 2016

Guiness World Records 2017 - Our work on the worlds most venomous spider is now in print




August 2016

Voice of America - Venomtech turning deadly insect venom into drugs




Reuters spiders scorpions superbugsAugust 2016

Reuters - Venomtech's spiders and scorpions join fight against superbugs




BAFTA-winning TV presenter naturalist, Steve Backshall, VenomtechApril 2016

BAFTA-winning TV presenter and naturalist, Steve Backshall, carries out research with Venomtech




BBC Global giant Sydney Funnel-web spider anti-venom January 2016

BBC Global - The significance of the giant Sydney Funnel-web spider handed in for anti-venom production




The Biologist Spotlight on: PharmacologyOctober 2015

The Biologist - Spotlight on: Pharmacology




BBC News Crowdfunding biotechnology industryApril 2015

BBC News - Crowdfunding provides boost for biotechnology industry




Venomtech crowdfundingFebruary 2015

Kent Online - Venomtech aims to raise £500,000 using crowdfunding




Reuters on the Road - Venomtech biotechMarch 2014

Reuters on the Road - Venomtech sinks its teeth into biotech




BBC Pain, Pus & Poison documentary Michael Mosley  October 2013

BBC - Pain, Pus & Poison documentary with Michael Mosley

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