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Invertebrate Venom by Species

Theraphosid, araneomorph and other spider venom for sale.

Dominated by small peptide ligands and polyamines, these venoms signal though a variety of receptors such as GPCRs, ion channels and kinases.

Buthid and non-buthid scorpion venom for sale.

The peptides in these venoms have a wide range of activities principally on ion channels such as K+, Ca2+ , Na+ and Cl-

Toxin and venom for sale from other poisonous and venomous invertebrates.

From Chilopoda and Coleoptera, through to Hymenoptera and Diplopoda, there is a wide range of tools available, for practically any target.

Vertebrate Venom by Species

Cobra, mamba, taipan and other elapid venom for sale.

These peptide-rich venoms contain three-finger toxins that bind specifically to ion channels, but also GPCRs and other receptors.

Viper venom


Viper, pit viper and rattlesnake venom for sale.

As well as a diverse range of enzymes, viper venoms also contain cell penetrating peptides and antimicrobial compounds. This is the largest group of animals delivering venom derived drugs.

All other vertebrate poisons/ venom for sale.

Other venomous vertebrates, such as lizards, have already delivered a block buster type II diabetes drug and many more such compounds are likely.

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