Targeted-Venom Discovery Arrays (T-VDAs)

We offer the broadest range of venom libraries in the most flexible configurations.

Our T-VDAs are specifically formatted to maximise hits for your specific targets. This means they deliver the greatest value in new lead material, from specially selected venom components that have been purified and standardised in 384 well plates. Through multidimensional HPLC, we have separated the majority of the competing venom components to produce clear data of activity against the target of choice.

We use a wide range of venoms from snakes, scorpions, tarantulas, true spiders and other species, selected according to each specific project or target. Our T-VDAs are engineered to maximise the likelihood of success for difficult targets and new mechanisms of action. These products can be used for research applications, including target identification and validation, and for proof of concept or proof of mechanism studies.

When you purchase one of our T-VDAs, you can expect:

  • Venom from 12 targeted species
  • 2D HPLC fractionation (500-800 fractions depending on layout)
  • Supplied freeze-dried in 96 or 384 Echo qualified plates
  • 1-5 peptides per well
  • up-to 6% hit rate (average 4.2%)

We also offer full follow-up services, including hit identification, structure-activity relationships and bulk resupply.

Custom Designed Arrays

With the huge array of drug discovery, cosmetic and crop science targets out there, it is not uncommon for our customers to need ligands and tools for targets which have not yet been prosecuted. We offer a custom array design service, using our expertise in combination with databases and published literature to produce T-VDAs for novel targets. Many of these custom arrays perform so well that they later become standard T-VDAs.

This custom service has lead us into novel venom pharmacology such as interactions with epigenetic targets including S100 and bromodomains, but also glutamate transporters and others.


Where possible, we will source new species to add to our collection, often at no additional cost to our customers. We can even include customer’s own preferred species, provided that they can be obtained in a way that is compliant with the Nagoya protocol.

We offer taylor-made arrays of 1D or 2D HPLC fractionated venoms, that are manufactured specifically to meet your needs. Our venom experts can offer detailed guidance on choosing any 12 species as needed to optimally hit your target of interest. For further information, or for an informal discussion, contact a member of our team today.

Available T-VDAs

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