Venomtech Scientific Posters

Spider vs Snake – discovery of novel snake venom protease inhibitors from spider venom
Destriau, R., McCullough, D., Rowlinson, R., Abbott, W.M. & Trim, S.A.
ELRIG Drug Discovery 2019

Microprotein Hit Finding Library Uncovers Bee Venom PLA2 Inhibited by Spider Venom
Knight, E. & Trim, S.
ELRIG Drug Discovery 2019

Investigation of a Panel of Snake Venoms for EGFR Phosphorylation Reducing Capabilities in EGFR Over-Expressing Cancers
McCullough, D., Trim, S. & Trim, C.
ELRIG Drug Discovery 2018

 Development of a Compound Library from Cobra Venom and the Results of Cytotoxicity Screening in SW620 Colorectal Cancer Cells
Knight, E., Trim, S. & Trim, C.
ELRIG Drug Discovery 2018

Identification of novel scorpion venom peptide inhibitors of the Kv1.3 ion channel and their potential as drug discovery leads for human T-cell mediated disease
Kirby, R.W., Tang, R., Witton, I., Webdale, L., Baker, S., Knight, E., Trim, S.A. & Rogers, R.
ELRIG Drug Discovery 2018

Investigating the effects of Naja nigricollis venom on colorectal and pancreatic cancer cell lines 
Farooq, I.,  Trim, S.A.,  Knight, E.L. & Trim, C.M.
Canterbury Christ Church University Symposium 2018

 Investigation of the antibacterial activity of venoms against Staphylococcus aureus
Hegerova, L., Trim, S.A. & Byrne, L.
Canterbury Christ Church University Symposium 2018

 Naja nigricollis Venom Exosomes Biological Functions and Interactions
Lundin, A., Trim, S.A., Trim, C.M. & Wilson, C.
Canterbury Christ Church University Symposium 2018

 Improving GFP production utilising venom components to enhance transfection efficiency in Cos 7 cells
Roznovcova, M., Trim, S.A. & Trim, C.M.
Canterbury Christ Church University Symposium 2018

 Activating challenging GPCRs with venom peptides
Williamson, H.K., Bennett, N. & Walsh, J.
ELRIG Drug Discovery 2017

Identification of Cobra Venom Actives as Potential Novel Pancreatic Cancer Therapeutics
Knight, E.L., Trim, S.A. & Trim, C.M.
Cambridge Pancreatic Cancer Symposium 2017

Evaluation of venoms as a source of novel ligands for drug discovery
Plant, H., Stacey, C., Wigglesworh, M., & Sinclair, I.
ELRIG Drug Discovery 2016

The antimicrobial effects of animal venom
Wyles, J., Bendo, M., Hale, G., Holmes, H., Trim, S.A. & Trim, C.M.
ELRIG Drug Discovery 2016

 Targeting Breast Cancer Signalling Pathways with Animal Venoms
McCullough, D., Atofanei, C., Knight, E., Trim, S.A. & Trim, C.M.
ELRIG Drug Discovery 2016

 Novel haemoglobin modifying activity discovered through screening T-VDACV
Hayter, P., Datwani, S., Ellson, R., Croucher, L., Wark, C., Baines, A., & Trim, S.A.
ELRIG Drug Discovery 2013

 Characterisation of Novel African Diplopod Defensive Fluids
Trim, C.M. & Trim, S.A.
International Society of Toxinology European Meeting, 2011

Safe laboratory management for true spiders (Araneomorphae) of medical importance
Reed, S.E., Lock, M.M.G & Trim, S.A.
LASA winter meeting 2010

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