VenomSELECT Consultancy

A powerful tool for discovering new cosmetic actives - unlocking the science of venom.

Our VenomSELECT™ service is a comprehensive offering, from concept to active ingredient, with a unique marketing angle that has been proven to sell. 

You can start with a requirement, or even just an idea, and we can do the rest:

  • Provide the product concept
  • Build the right marketing story to fit the product
  • Design and test novel synthetic peptides from a range of animal and plant species
  • Register the product for you

Our scientific team will also support your product launch and demonstrate the cutting edge science involved.


The VenomSELECT™ process delivers new, first-in-class active ingredients such as SensAmone P5. Developed with Mibelle Biochemistry, this is the first venom peptide to sooth sensitive skin by reducing the action of the pain receptor TRPV1. See our case study for more details. Further information on the VenomSELECT™ process, and our work on SensAmone P5, can be found here. This video was produced by Mibelle Biochemistry, during their visit to Venomtech in 2017.


Venoms have a wide range of antibacterial and antifungal active peptides that are not only functional but also biodegradeable. Our team has a strong background in neuroscience. This gives us the expertise to modulate ion channels, such as NaVs, K2Ps, ASICs and CaVs, for a wide range of claims including antiwrinkle, rejuvenation and sensitive skin. Our in-depth understanding of venom biochemistry and pharmacology also lends itself to the identification of novel active peptides with applications for acne, hair loss and modifying skin tone. To help you decide on your next VenomSELECT™ product, we have created a claims table. This contains a wide variety of ideas that can be used as a starting point in our process.

In addition to our bespoke service, we also have a number of off-the-shelf cosmetic venom peptides that are ready to be formulated as your new active ingredient.

Case Study: SensAmone P5

In partnership with Mibelle Biochemistry, Venomtech identified TRPV1 as a target for soothing sensitive skin. We then selected a venom peptide from the purple tip anemone (Heteractis crispa), that had a high probability of hitting the target. Next, we designed and synthesised short peptides that mimicked the active site of the full-length peptide. After synthesising the peptides, we tested for efficacy and potency, and optimised the most effective. We then generated a 5-amino-acid peptide and retested it in a cell-based assay. Following clinical studies, which confirmed SensAmone P5's soothing action, Venomtech provided pre- and post-launch marketing and scientific support for the product.SensAmone P5 data

As the above graph shows, the crude peptide reduced stimulation of the TRPV1 receptor by 25%. Venomtech's optimised SensAmone P5 peptide however, reduced stimulation by 80% 

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