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Metrion Biosciences and Venomtech announce research collaboration

Collaboration to search for novel modulators of ion channels with proven therapeutic potential Cambridge, UK, 24 April 2017: Metrion Biosciences Limited (Metrion), the specialist ion channel CRO and drug discovery company, and Venomtech Limited (Venomtech) a biotechnology company with the UK’s largest venom library, today announced a collaboration agreement which will see the two companies…

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Venomtech’s new BD Director

We are pleased to introduce the newest recruit – Dr Paul Grant. Paul Joins us with a long history in both pharmaceutical sales and neuroscience, an exciting addition to our team. See his LinkedIn profile for more info –    

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Novel pain and haematology tools from Vampire snails

New pharmacological tools from a haematophagus (Vampire) snail, Colubraria reticulata, have been discovered. these include anaesthetic peptides, haemostasis inhibitors and vasoconstriction modulators see paper. The authors note that fish appear to be semi anaethetised when the snail is in close proximity and this enables the snail to extend it’s probosis and collect the fishes blood.

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Avoiding the Antibiotic Apocalypse

With the domination of classical antibiotics coming to a dramatic end, it is time to find novel sources of antibiotics that circumvent the ability of the bacterial to evolve resistance. New classes of antibiotics are being found in the venoms of several species. Screening these as you would for other compounds is already yielding promising…

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Need novel analgesics?

Once more the theraphosids (Tarantulas) have delivered novel tools for targeting pain relevant ion channels. A novel NaV1.7 blocking peptide has been identified from the species Grammostolla porteri (pictured). This peptide has 1000x fold selectivity over NaV1.5 and 20x over NaV1.4. However mutational analysis and structural analysis has allowed for modification to increase the NaV1.4…

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Sicarius terrosus venom

Sicarius terrosus (six-eyed cave spider) is a highly toxic (and somewhat infamous) spider of the sicariidae family, whose bites, however rare, are characterised by significant necrotic pathology and potential mortality.  This is largely because of the presence of sphingomyelinase D in its venom[1], in the form of Phospholipase D StSicTox-betaIC1[2].  This has been shown to…

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