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Leading the fight against the scourge of antibiotic resistance

Venomtech is pleased to share with you our success in finding new venom peptides that kill bacteria in potentially novel ways. These are all found in our antibacterial T-VDA. This is currently a leading story on Sky News blueprint-to-tackle-scourge-of-drug-resistance showing a small snap shot of what we do and why it’s important. We are fighting hard to bring…

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What is all the excitement about scorpion venoms?

Scorpions are an ancient group of arthropods who have evolved venom to subdue other invertebrates and even as an aphrodisiac in courtship. This potent cocktail of proteins peptides and other bio-molecules represents a wealth of new chemcial matter for drug discovery. As a result two of the top ten articles published in Toxicon are devoted…

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Avoiding the Antibiotic Apocalypse

With the domination of classical antibiotics coming to a dramatic end, it is time to find novel sources of antibiotics that circumvent the ability of the bacterial to evolve resistance. New classes of antibiotics are being found in the venoms of several species. Screening these as you would for other compounds is already yielding promising…

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Venom A to Z – B is for Basic phospholipase

Basic Phospholipase (PLA2) is a neurotoxic and haemotoxic enzyme common in Viper venoms, including rattlesnakes. Basic PLA2s, particularly those from Crotalus durrisus (pictured – C.durrisus vergrandis) have a wide range of therapeutic potenials for disease areas such as immunolgy, inflammation, infection, cancer and pain.

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