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Happy Birthday to Venomtech

We are excited to announce we are six years old. During those six years we have moved through three locations each time getting bigger and better. Now located in the amazing Discovery Park Community. We have shipped venoms to customers far and wide (USA, Europe, India and Australia). But most importantly we have facilitated work…

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Sicarius terrosus venom

Sicarius terrosus (six-eyed cave spider) is a highly toxic (and somewhat infamous) spider of the sicariidae family, whose bites, however rare, are characterised by significant necrotic pathology and potential mortality.  This is largely because of the presence of sphingomyelinase D in its venom[1], in the form of Phospholipase D StSicTox-betaIC1[2].  This has been shown to…

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Venoms A to Z – C for Chlorotoxin

Venoms A to Z. C – Chlorotoxin. This unique protein from the death stalker scorpion (Lieurus quinquestriatus) preferentially binds to Glioma cells over normal brain tissue and therefore can be used as a contrast agent to identify tumour cells and even carry warheads to kill them. Our death stalkers will be appering on the BBC’s…

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Venom A to Z – B is for Basic phospholipase

Basic Phospholipase (PLA2) is a neurotoxic and haemotoxic enzyme common in Viper venoms, including rattlesnakes. Basic PLA2s, particularly those from Crotalus durrisus (pictured – C.durrisus vergrandis) have a wide range of therapeutic potenials for disease areas such as immunolgy, inflammation, infection, cancer and pain.

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