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Venom peptide antimicrobial action

Following on from our inclusion in Sky News report on the need for new antibiotics we thought we’d show you some of our venom in action. This plate was dosed with one of our snake venoms specifically chosen by our scientists. The bacteria growing in a lawn are Staphylococcus albus which are clearly killed in…

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What is all the excitement about scorpion venoms?

Scorpions are an ancient group of arthropods who have evolved venom to subdue other invertebrates and even as an aphrodisiac in courtship. This potent cocktail of proteins peptides and other bio-molecules represents a wealth of new chemcial matter for drug discovery. As a result two of the top ten articles published in Toxicon are devoted…

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Venom A to Z

Our A to Z of venom will feature a new letter every week culminating in 1 per day for the final week before Christmas. A is for Antimicrobial Our new targeted venom discovery arrays are just the tool for finding novel antimicrobial peptides.

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