Venomtech looking forward to an exciting 2016

Welcome to 2016 dear readers, which will be an exciting year for the new Venomtech team. We are proud to announce on the on the 16th March 2016 Venomtech will be six years old.

2015 brought many changes to the UK’s only commercial venom lab including; first shipments to Australia, tentative steps into the European cosmetic market and three new members of our team. Our global reach now includes Europe, India, USA and Australia. New team members for 2015 include Claire Merritt our volunteer technician who has made a massive impact on improving venom yields from difficult species, (this is before she starts her undergraduate studies).  We will be publishing some exciting work of Claires’ later this year. In October we welcomed Stuart Baker our new Senior Technician who comes well qualified with a first in zoology and many years experience with arachnids. In December our long standing collaboration with Canterbury Christ Church University took a new turn and we welcomed Emily Knight as our joint PhD student. Emily’s work will be building on previous work within this collaboration to discover novel tools to combat pancreatic cancer, a very aggressive disease with a high mortality rate.

With this amazing team we are pleased to be nominated for the 2016 Biotechnology Award from Global Health and Pharma magazine, voting is currently taking place at the link here. We hope to hear we’ve been successful in March 2016. Thank you to everyone who has nominated and voted for us already.

We’re proud to be part of the expanding Discovery Park which is growing right in front of our eyes.  Our facilities here have impressed all our guests which included Steve Backshall from TV’s deadly 60, land of the Jaguar and also Strictly Come Dancing. We are excited to be working with Steve to help him characterise an exciting new venom from a species not thought to be venomous.