Targeted-Venom Discovery Arrays (T-VDAs)

We offer the broadest range of venom libraries in the most flexible configurations.

Our T-VDAs are engineered to maximise the likelihood of success for:

  • Difficult drug targets
  • New mechanisms of action
  • Research applications including target identification and validation
  • Proof of concept and proof of mechanism

T-VDA Construction

We use a wide range of venoms from snakes, scorpions, tarantulas, true spiders and other species, selected according to each specific project or target.

  •  Venom from 12 species
  • 2D HPLC fractionation
  • Supplied in Echo qualified 384 plates
  • 1-5 peptides / well
  • Freeze dried
  • Usage
    • 3-5 replicates per well
  • Delivery
    • Custom design -12 to16 weeks
    • OTS - 5 to10 business days
    • Shipped at ambient temperature
  • Follow-up Services
    • Hit ID, SAR and bulk resupply
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Available T-VDAs

Custom Designed Arrays

  • Taylor-made arrays of 1D or 2D HPLC fractionated venoms
  • Guidance on choosing any 12 species as needed to optimally hit your target of interest

Example 12 Species Arrays:

  • Pharmacology
    • GPCRs, kinases and enzyme libraries
  • Neurology
    • Acid-sensing ion channels library
    • Calcium, potassium and sodium channel libraries
    • Pain therapeutics library
    • Muscular dystrophy library
  • Cardiovascular
  • Oncology
  • Infectious diseases
    • Antimicrobial, anti-bacterial and anti-viral libraries
  • Bio-Insecticides

Available products for cosmetics and drug discovery

Anti-inflammatory inflamation cosmetic


Cosmetic peptides to soothe skin and reduce inflammation

Antipollution cosmetic peptide toxins


Cosmetic peptides to protect skin from toxins and pollutants

Venom cosmetic peptides


Our bespoke cosmetic peptide design service

Target drug discovery


Target-based venom arrays for hard-to-hit drug targets

Therapeutic tagets cancer toxins

Therapeutic areas 

Venom arrays for antimicrobial, pain, cancer research, etc.

Custon venom array drug discovery targets

Custom Arrays 

Venom arrays designed by us for your target or research area

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