50% off venom compound libraries until 31st Oct 2019

See the benefit of venoms for yourself.

As we are fast approaching 2020, we are making space for exciting new products, so this Halloween we are offering a great deal! 

Everyone is used to seeing spiders and snake images brought out to scare people this time of year. At Venomtech we work with nearly 200 species of venomous animals and want to inspire fascination and respect.

Venoms have delivered new hits and leads for difficult drug targets such as ion channels and GPCRs and there is much more to discover.

So this October we are having a Halloween sale on our flagship Targeted Venom Discovery Array ™ T-VDA™ products. 50% off all T-VDA libraries when ordered before 6pm on the 31st Oct 2019 and paid upon ordering.


Sale limited to off the shelf libraries of the below formats

Sodium channels –                        T-VDANa+

Calcium channels –                       T-VDACa2+

Potassium channels –                    T-VDAK+

Transient Receptor Potential –       T-VDATRP

Glutamate transporters –               T-VDAGlu

G-Protein coupled receptors –      T-VDAGPCR 

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