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Venomtech announces new investment

Sandwich, UK, 11 September 2020: Today Venomtech Ltd. (Venomtech) announces the completion of a major investment deal from a group of investors led by Professor Walter Nimmo and Marek Gumienny. Venomtech is a biotechnology company that possesses the UK’s largest venom library and specialises in the use of venoms for drug discovery, cosmetics and pest…

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Venomtech at ELRIG

This online oncology event will bring to light some new classes of biologics and a better understanding of mechanisms of resistance in the fight to save lives against cancer. You will hear speakers from across academia, biotech and the pharma industry, including Venomtech founder Steve Trim,  offering their unique insights.

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COVID-19 – Soothing cream for key workers

At this time of heightened hand washing and sanitising, we are really pleased to receive a limited batch of post-sanitiser soothing cream, to give out to local key workers. This product is made from SensAmone P5. The appliance of venom technology to soothe your skin. Thanks to the amazing Mibelle for sending this to us.

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Antiviral Targeted Venom Discovery ArrayLike a lot of biotech and pharmaceutical companies we’re looking into ways we can help the COVID-19 situation and as usual, our input is fairly unique. The virus SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) CoV2 is closely related to the SARS Coronavirus SARS CoV, which is an RNA-containing virus like HCV, HIV…

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Venomtech at ELRIG 2019

Venomtech Ltd & Peak Proteins are delighted to have contributed to a poster at ELRIG UK 2019 titled “Spider vs Snakes – discovery of novel snake venom protease inhibitors from spider venom”. Now in its 13th year, ELRIG’s flagship conference Drug Discovery 2019 will take place at ACC Conference Centre by The Port of Liverpool,…

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Venomtech delivers around the world

Already in 2019, we’ve shipped Venomtech products to two new countries; Japan and Mexico. This brings the grand total to 11, including Australia, France, Germany, India, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, the USA and of course the UK . With exciting times ahead, we’re already working on adding a few more to the list, before the year…

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False widow spiders in Ireland

False widow spider

Here’s a nice paper from our friends at the National University of Ireland on Steatoda nobilis, on the noble false widow spider, including a handy identification guide. Here are some highlights: Occurrence, reproductive rate and identification of the non-native Noble false widow spider Steatoda nobilis (Thorell, 1875) in Ireland  

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