Custom Array Design

With the huge array of drug discovery, cosmetic and crop science targets out there, it is not uncommon for our customers to need ligands and tools for targets which have not yet been prosecuted. We offer a custom array design service, using our expertise in combination with databases and published literature to produce T-VDAs for novel targets. Many of these custom arrays perform so well that they later become standard T-VDAs.

This custom service has lead us into novel venom pharmacology such as interactions with epigenetic targets including S100 and bromodomains, but also glutamate transporters and others.

Where possible, we will source new species to add to our collection, often at no additional cost to our customers. We can even include customer’s own preferred species, provided that they can be obtained in a way that is compliant with the Nagoya protocol. See our sourcing strategy for further information.

Molecular & Therapeutic Targeted Arrays

Ion Channels

New and exciting approaches to ion-channel pathways


Our peptides are unlocking GPCR targets in many applications


Our peptides are providing solutions for research into Kinases


Effective solutions for hard-to-hit epigenetic targets

Antimicrobial Resistance

Our peptides are natural solutions for modulating resistant entities

S100 Proteins

We are hitting S100 targets

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