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Scientific Posters by Venomtech

 Pancreatic Cancer Symposium poster

Knight, E.L., Trim, S.A. and Trim, C.M.

Cambridge Pancreatic Cancer Symposium 2017


 Evaluation of venoms as a source of novel ligands for drug discovery

Plant, H., Stacey, C., Wigglesworh, M., & Sinclair, I.

ELRIG Drug Discovery 2016


The antimicrobial effects of animal venom

Wyles, J., Bendo, M., Hale, G., Holmes, H., Trim, S.A. & Trim, C.M.

ELRIG DRUG Discovery 2016


 Targeting Breast Cancer Signalling Pathways with Animal Venoms

McCullough, D., Atofanei, C., Knight, E., Trim, S.A. and Trim, C.M.

ELRIG Drug Discovery 2016


 Novel haemoglobin modifying activity discovered through screening T-VDACV

Hayter, P., Datwani, S., Ellson, R., Croucher, L., Wark, C., Baines, A., and Trim, S.A.

ELRIG Drug Discovery 2013


 Characterisation of Novel African Diplopod Defensive Fluids

Trim, C.M and Trim, S.A.

International Society of Toxinology European Meeting, 2011


Safe laboratory management for true spiders (Araneomorphae) of medical importance

Reed, S.E., Lock, M.M.G and Trim, S.A.

LASA winter meeting 2010

Scientific Papers by Venomtech

 Venom: the sharp end of pain therapeutics

Trim, S.A and Trim, C.M (2013)

British Journal of Pain. 7 (4)


Tarantula husbandry and critical care

Pellett, S., Bushell, M and Trim, S.A (2015)

Companion Animal. 20 (2)


 Refining laboratory husbandry of venomous snakes of the family Elapidae

Loaring, C and Trim, S.A.

Animal Technology and Welfare, December 2012


Laboratory husbandry of arboreal tarantulas (Theraphosidae) and evaluation of environmental enrichment

Bennie, M.G., Loaring, C. and Trim, S.A.

Animal Technology and Welfare, December 2011


Safe laboratory management for arachnids of medical importance

Reed, S.E., Lock, M.G and Trim, S.A.

Animal Technology and Welfare, August 2011

White Papers

Venom Reviews and Scientific Papers

Sébastien Dutertre and Richard J. Lewis (2010).  JBC 285: 13315-13320.


V.Quintero-Hernández et. al. (2013).  Toxicon 76:328-342


Jeremiah Osteen et.al. (2016).  Nature 534: 494–499


Irène R. Chassagnon et. al. (2017). PNAS 114 143750-3755.


Fosgerau, K and Hoffmann, T. (2015).  Drug Discovery Today 20 (1):122-128.


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