Venomtech Products

Helping industry with hard-to-hit targets

Targeted Venom Discovery ArraysTM

Our T-VDAs are engineered to maximise the likelihood of success for:

  • Difficult drug targets
  • New mechanisms of action
  • Research applications including target identification and validation
  • Proof of concept and proof of mechanism

Diversity set

Diverse crude venom arrays, for those projects or targets where there are no known venom leads and where a targeted approach is too risky.

Crude venoms

Individual, whole venoms are available from ~ 200 species, across a wide variety of taxa

Molecular & Therapeutic Targeted Arrays

Ion channels venom

Ion Channels

New and exciting approaches to ion-channel pathways

GPCRs venom


Our peptides are unlocking GPCR targets in many applications

Kinases venom


Our peptides are providing solutions for research into Kinases

Epigenetics venom


Effective solutions for hard-to-hit epigenetic targets

Antimicrobial Resistance venom

Antimicrobial Resistance

Our peptides are natural solutions for modulating resistant entities

S100 Proteins venom

S100 Proteins

We are hitting S100 targets

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