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Delivering innovation in Cosmetics & Cosmeceuticals

Our peptide library offers many ways to achieve commercially valuable effectiveness in cosmetics and cosmeceuticals - providing a high degree of control and risk reduction. We can lead on part or all of the following process:

  1. Identify molecular target for desired effects
  2. Select venom peptide to interact with target
  3. Test for efficacy and potency
  4. Re-design and optimize peptide
  5. Safety testing and Registration
  6. Bulk supply of actives

Cosmetic Applications

Product Preservative or Anti-biotic actions

Venomous animals have had to evolve novel ways of protecting themselves from
Infections, thus venoms have evolved a wide range of antimicrobial actions. These
include antibacterial and anti fungal effects. Our scientists can tailor the venom peptide to specifically meet your needs for product stability right through to skin cleansing and even balancing native flora for healthier skin.

Hyper-sensitive Skin

Ion Channels present in the nerve terminals of the skin are involved with the perception
skin sensitivity. Activation of these channels directly increases skin sensitivity, pain and
other unpleasant sensations. Venoms from spiders and scorpions are known that block
these ion channels such as Acid Sensing Ion Channels (ASICS) and Calcium
Channels. Venom-derived peptides can be designed to block these receptors in a
controlled mannor.

Skin Ageing

Enzymes such as proteases break down collagen, elastin and other structural
proteins that maintain the skins flexibility and prevents wrinkle formation. Centipede venoms
contain a diverse collection of widely unexplored proteins, some of which are known to have
protease inhibiting properties. c-jun is a transcription factor that is expressed at higher levels
in aged skin, and controls the expression of many genes involved in skin ageing. Scorpion
venom peptides are known to inhibit c-jun and may therefore reduce ageing. Some snake
Venoms actively remodel skin proteins (for exfoliation, scar reduction and/or anti-ageing).

Dry Skin

Arises from many daily activities, and is the result of a loss of moisture
(Transepidermal Water Loss; TEL) and micronutrients from the skins surface.
Many moisturisers focus on replacement of these lost factors. However venoms
from desert creatures such as spiders, scorpions and centipedes can stop
moisture loss from occurring through modulation of key ion channels (aquaporins)
involved in water loss.

Molecular & Therapeutic Targeted Arrays for Cosmetics

Ion Channels

New approaches to ion-channel pathways


Our peptides are unlocking GPCR targets in many applications


Our peptides are providing solutions for research into Kinases


Effective solutions for hard-to-hit epigenetic targets

A-M Resistance

Our peptides are natural solutions for modulating resistant entities and controlling pests

S100 Proteins

We are hitting S100 targets

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