Hit-to-Lead Services

Target: All
Format: Hit-to-Lead Service

We offer a world class follow-up service to characterise and further develop the active component(s) found in your libraries. We combine several decades of drug discovery experience in top companies that can be customised according to your needs.

1. Full identification of active component(s)

  • Characterisation of active fraction(s)
  • Purification of single active(s)
    • For libraries not fully pre-fractionated
  • Resupply of actives for dose response testing
    • Milligram quantities purified from original venoms
  • Small scale synthesis of the pure active
    • Up to grams, either synthetic (<150 amino acids) or cloned for larger proteins
  • Large (up to 1kg) synthetic production (<150 amino acids), at GMP grade if needed, of single peptides

2. Hit-to-lead development

  • Provision of closely related targeted venoms to enhance potency and/or selectivity
  • Determination of SAR (structure-activity relationship)
  • Modifications for improved stability, delivery, bioavailability, etc
  • Toxicity testing, proof of concept and proof of mechanism in standard models

Molecular & Therapeutic Targeted Arrays

Ion Channels

New and exciting approaches to ion-channel pathways


Our peptides are unlocking GPCR targets in many applications


Our peptides are providing solutions for research into Kinases


Effective solutions for hard-to-hit epigenetic targets

Antimicrobial Resistance

Our peptides are natural solutions for modulating resistant entities

S100 Proteins

We are hitting S100 targets

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